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About SRM


Since the establishment of the company in December 1998, Sanrenmu has become a household name in China, cementing itself as a industry leader in excellent knife quality at affordable prices, and winning the trust of consumers nationwide. SRM is the higher end product line of the original, with an independent brand at its core providing products outside of main land China.

Representing quality with and even greater price point SRM is the realization of cost effective middle range knives. While coming in at this range, our knives are expertly crafted and no corners are taken in the design, implementation and production process; to put it simply we are not your standard knife maker.

As the gap in the market has opened for more affordable knives SRM is here to fill it and create knives that will suit every occasion and do it in style. SRM wishes to take away the over complex and at times incomprehensible knife designs and bring it back to classic, strong and affordable designs.


What we do

We want to make simple, yet excellent products for the overseas market. Sanrenmu already has a strong reputation in mainland China for producing knives that are of high quality yet are of a fraction of the price so we want to bring this value for quality outside of our comfort zone.

SRM commitment to you - Consistency in craft

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